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MVgo is a service of the Mountain View Transportation Management Association (MTMA), a nonprofit organization run by Mountain View businesses and landowners to reduce traffic on Mountain View streets for the benefit of the entire community. We are a membership organization run by a Board of Directors and supported by a consulting staff charged with managing the organization and assisting in planning our services. MTMA is funded by the contributions of its member companies.


The MTMA Board currently comprises the following members:



It is our firm belief that together we can plan and implement efficient and effective programs that will reduce single occupant vehicle trips to and within Mountain View – allowing our community to accommodate future growth while maintaining mobility. We believe that by collaborating and combining services that many of us are or would be running separately, we can create economies of scale that will allow us to better serve our employees, visitors, and Mountain View residents.


MVGO Performance Reporting


2017 1st Quarter (Jan-Mar):


2017 2nd Quarter (Apr-Jun):


Contact Us:

To reach MVGO shuttle services,
please call (650) 933-2518 or
email us at info@mvgo.org


For more information about the
Mountain View Transportation Management Association, please
email Roni Hattrup 







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