Welcome Back Commuters

As we all begin to emerge from the pandemic and return to our pre-pandemic way of life, the Mountain View Transportation Management Association would like to encourage commuters to consider other transportation modes, aside from driving alone, when returning to the office.

Take Transit!

Hop on Caltrain or VTA Light Rail and avoid the stress of sitting in traffic. Relax, catch up on emails and social media, or get lost in a good book as you make your way into the office.

When you arrive at the Mountain View Transit Center, catch one of our free shuttles! The MTMA operates two shuttle programs, which are fare-free and open to the public.

MVgo Shuttle

Provides first and last mile connectivity to the Transit Center during the commute period between approximately 6:30 – 10:30 AM and 3:00 – 8:00 PM.

Mountain View Community Shuttle

Runs 7 days a week between 7:00 AM – 7:00 PM weekdays and 10:00 AM – 6:00 PM weekends.

Track the Location of Our Shuttles in Real-Time

The MVgo and Mountain View Community Shuttles are equipped with GPS tracking equipment, which allows riders to view the location of our shuttles in real-time and provides riders with real-time arrival predictions.

To view the location of an MVgo shuttle in real-time or to get arrival predictions, use the “Real Time Arrivals” section on the MVgo.org homepage, or download the RIDEMVGO App.

To view the location of a Mountain View Community Shuttle in real-time, or get arrival predictions, view the Real Time Tracking page or download the TripShot App.

Try Carpooling

Save time and money by sharing a ride with neighboring commuters! Merge is a FREE ridematching service provided by 511.org and is intended to form ongoing commuter carpools. Join 1,000s of other Bay Area commuters looking to share rides to work and earn points and rewards through the Merge ridematching platform. Learn more about Merge by checking out the FAQs then register here.

Guaranteed Last Mile Program

MTMA offers commuters up to $15 for reimbursement of Uber, Lyft or Taxi trips to or from the Mountain View or San Antonio Transit Centers, should the MVgo Shuttles not arrive within 15 minutes after their scheduled departure. Read more about the Guaranteed Last Mile Program.

MVgo Shuttle Services Have Resumed!

The MTMA has resumed MVgo shuttle services with new routes, effective July 12th, 2021.  

Services will begin at reduced service levels, until ridership increases. Safety measures will be implemented in accordance with the CDC guidelines to keep our riders healthy and safe.

We are excited to resume service! Please check our website for updates.

Mountain View MVgo Shuttle Service Update

With the need to safeguard public health, the MVgo shuttle services were suspended in early 2020. We plan to resume regular operation as employees return to work sites in 2021.

MVgo is committed to preventing the spread of COVID-19 by following the County’s directives for public transit. We will monitor best practices for public transit operations and implement all necessary protocols to keep our riders healthy and safe when relaunching shuttle operations.

Prior to resuming operation, a new reservation system powered by Via will be launched that will allow riders to book their seat in advance and ensure they have a safe shuttle connection, given the reduced shuttle capacity required for social distancing.

Until MVgo shuttle operations resume, we are off ering MVgo Carpool and Guaranteed Last Mile Reimbursement programs.

MVgo Carpool

MVgo has partnered with Waze Carpool to offer a $5 subsidy on all carpool trips for people commuting to or from Mountain View. All trips within 10 miles are free to riders!

For more information and a link to download the carpool app please visit: mvgo.org/programs

Guaranteed Last Mile Reimbursement

The Guaranteed Last Mile (GLM) Program will reimburse commuters up to $15 for the cost of any form of transportation as their “last- or first-mile” connection to and/or from the Mountain View Transit Center or San Antonio Caltrain.

For more information and to apply for reimbursement, please visit: mvgo.org/programs

Additionally, the City of Mountain View provides a free community shuttle service which operates seven days a week to connect residents and visitors to various locations throughout Mountain View.

Visit mvcommunityshuttle.com for more schedule information and route map.

We look forward to resuming service for our member organizations! Please check our website for updates.

Annoucing Changes to the MVgo Carpool Program!

Effective July 15, 2020, MVgo is offering a flat rate subsidy of $5 for all commuters living in and commuting to Mountain View. All trips within 10 miles are fully subsidized and are of no cost to riders.  

To receive the carpool discount, riders must join the MVgo Group on the Waze Carpool app. Eligible trips must START or END in the city of Mountain View.

*Rider costs are subject to change at the discretion of the Mountain View TMA

Precautions Waze is suggesting in response to COVID-19: 

  • Limiting carpools to one rider and one driver
  • Face coverings
  • Opening windows
  • Messaging prior to ride 

We recommend all riders and drivers follow health and safety guidelines on travel provided by local authorities. The CDC and the Association for Commuter Transportation have issued guidance on how to reduce risk on your commute. 

For carpooling they suggest limiting the number of people in your carpool to two, wearing face coverings, and increasing ventilation in vehicles by keeping windows open.

Additionally, we suggest riders and drivers message each other before carpools to agree on the precautions they will take and to ensure they both will feel safe. 

To get started, click this link from your phone: bit.ly/MVGoCarpool

  1. Download Waze (for Drivers) and/or Waze Carpool (for Riders) on your phone and create an account.
  2. Register using your personal email but verify your work email when prompted to find coworkers.
  3. Enter your home/work route and commute schedule. Don’t worry, you can flexibly edit this each day.
  4. Make sure that you’ve joined the MVgo Carpool Group to unlock special incentives. Find your Groups under settings.
  5. Review your matches and start sending requests! Send multiple requests early on for best results.

Happy carpooling!

Announcing MVgo’s Guaranteed Last Mile Reimbursement Program

MVgo is now offering reimbursements for trips (Uber, Lyft, taxi, etc.) to and from the Mountain View Transit Center, when the MVgo Shuttle is more than 15 minutes late.   The purpose of this program is to provide a last-mile back-up option for those who take transit to work.  For more information about this program, go to our “Programs” page.